Singular lounge & armchairs in soft fabrics or hide leather. Create comfortable private seating areas around the workspace.

Comfortable office sofas for waiting areas, breakout & ad-hoc meeting areas. Contemporary upholstery finishes & frames.

High back sofas offer a space to work, relax or make a quick call with added privacy. Place another sofa adjacent to create a room within a room for meetings.

Modular sofa seating allow different configurations to be created & offer the possibility of reconfiguration should the need arise.

Ottomans, pouffes & low stools create moveable seating areas for a variety of different requirements such as an ad-hoc meeting or coffee space.

Landscape seating creates an inviting & interesting seating area for a quick impromptu meeting, a space to catch-up or sit & work with a device.

Banquette seating invites collaboration & can be used in the breakout space or office. The high back sofas offer a space for relaxation or concentration.